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Where Do I Start?

Your fridge will soon look like this!

It's always a good idea to have a health check and a chat with your doctor before starting any new health regime. Get him/her to send you for a blood test prior to starting and then again in 3 months. It will be interesting to see both sets of results.

Try and keep a record of your progress too. We would love to see your story published here on the website. Be sure to record your weight as well as your measurements along the way. Photos can also be an awesome way of documenting your progress.

If you want to throw yourself into LCHF straight up, it could mean you'll have to throw out a lot of food. If you can't bear to see that food go to waste then perhaps you could donate it.

What will you be throwing out? All things highly refined, packaged and processed mainly. We now have very few items left in our pantry as most of our food is fresh and lives in the fridge, or is frozen, like our meat. The only foods that we currently store in our pantry is coffee, tea, seeds, nuts, oils, herbs and spices, tins of coconut milk and cream, coconut flour, a few tins of tomatoes and that's pretty much it. Foods that generally contain only one ingredient. The only "processed" food we consume nowadays is dairy products; butter, cream, milk, cheese, yoghurt.

This is important so please read as there are a few things to keep in mind when you start out on your LCHF journey and your number one goal is to lose weight. The first is that everyone is different. What works for you may not work for the next person. One person may lose a stack of weight within a very short space of time, especially when they cut back on sugars/carbs, and the next person may have a very slow weight loss. There are so many different variables to take into consideration so be patient but be prepared to change things up a bit if you have to. We have often experimented on ourselves. We have omitted dairy at times, switched from having cows milk in coffee to having coconut cream or a dash of double cream, gone from one piece of fruit a day to one piece a week, stopped having nuts for snacks, and so forth. What works for me may not work for you. Here are some handy weight-loss tips on the Diet Doctor's website. And always remember that this is a HIGH FAT lifestyle. That means that the majority of your daily calories should be coming from saturated fats. Great sources of saturated fats are such things as butter, cream, avocado, coconut oil, animal fat etc. Don't be afraid of this kind of fat. It is good for you. The only fats you should be avoiding are those that come from seed oils (also known as Vegetable Oils and margarine spreads) or trans fats, and anything that is cooked in them or with them.

Written by Nicky

"It's all about the food"