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The Edify Low Carb High Fat Food Forum


Below is an array of interesting videos that we have come across during our journey to better health.

The Food Revolution
Andreas Eenfeldt MD

This is one of the most succinct videos we've watched on the benefits of a Low Carb High Fat diet.

The Food Revolution by Dr Andreas Eenfeldt

Sugar, The Bitter Truth
Robert H. Lustig MD

A lengthy presentation on the evils of fructose, includes the science behind it all.

Sugar, The Bitter Truth by Dr Robert H. Lustig

Teach every child about food.
Jamie Oliver

Jamie's war on obesity.

Ted Talk; Jamie Oliver wages his war on obesity in families

Enjoy eating saturated fats.
Donald W. Miller MD, Cardiac Surgeon

Cardiac Surgeon, Donald W. Miller debunks the myths on cholesterol and eating fats.

Enjoy eating saturated fats. They're good for you. by Donald W. Miller, Cardiac Surgeon

The Sugary Truth
A funky short animation on sugar addiction.

The Sugary Truth

TED Talk
Peter Attia MD

"What if we're wrong about diabetes?"

TED Talk by Dr Peter Attia

Paleo Diet
Andreas Eenfeldt MD & Prof. Lorin Cordain, PhD

This video takes a look at the Paleo Diet and explains the reasoning behind it.

Dr Andreas Eenfeldt interviews Professor Lorin Cordain, PhD on the Paleo Diet

"It's all about the food"