Low Carb High Fat Diet : Edify

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Why Low Carb/High Fat?
The Edify Food Pyramid
Where Do I Start?
         What Can I Eat?
         Cooking Tips
         Eating Out
         Life Without Bread
         How Do I Shop?
         Carb Cravings
         What We Eat
         Meal Ideas
Low Carb Recipes
The Resource Room
The Science
         Initial Side Effects
         Blood Sugar Levels
Frequently Asked Questions
The Permi In Us
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The Edify Low Carb High Fat Food Forum


  • Eat REAL food not food-like substances!
  • Fat does NOT make you fat! Carbohydrates make you fat!
  • Carbs MAKE you hungry!
  • If you can't pronounce it, don't eat it!
  • Don't eat numbers!
  • Avoid food that has a TV commercial!
  • There is no money in health care but plenty to be made from sick care!
  • Avoid the aisles in the supermarket!
  • Get to know where your food comes from!
  • Vote with your fork!
  • Acne does not exist in Traditional Cultures because they do not eat refined foods.

"It's all about the food"