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Our Story

We are just your average, run-of-the-mill married couple with 2 teenage kids that happened to stumble upon some alarming information on food that we thought the entire world should know about. We are also lucky enough to be web designers, giving us the perfect skill set to be able to spread the word. We actually found it quite difficult to find all the information we wanted on Low Carb High Fat eating in the one place, so we hope this website helps in that respect.

Hi, I'm Nicky :)

Once upon a time I believed that the food I purchased from the shops for my family was completely safe. I mean I live in Australia, of course I have every faith in our food authority. And indeed I did, right up until the day I found out that they were letting my family consume genetically modified organisms without telling me about it. Here begins my story of turning our food habits on their head.

And here ends my relationship with processed, refined foods. If I can't trust or even pronounce what are in the ingredients of an item then it's not coming anywhere near my mouth! The more research I did, the more lies and myths and corporate greed I uncovered. What an absolutely farcical debarcle the food industry is, and in particular the US Food Industry, whom we shadow like a lost puppy. You've got Agriculture in bed with the Biotech Industry who are in bed with the FDA who are in bed with the Government who are in bed with Big Pharma and the circle just continues.

For me, it's more about feeding my family REAL food. Food that will fuel them through the day, not make them sick. I had always prided myself on giving my kids, what I thought, were healthy foods. Lots of grains, breads, pasta, rice, low in fat foods, you know, that "healthy" Food Pyramid. Little did I know it is an absolute CROCK!! And that makes me angry, very angry. I no longer trust any of those official food authorities! I am now the authority on what my family eats because I made it my business to do my own homework.

It was also around this time that my brother, 3,500km away, was discovering the same things I was and steered me towards looking into a diet low in carbs and high in good, natural fat. Both of us agreed - it's all wrong. The way we are eating is ALL WRONG!!! Did you know the Food Pyramid was released by the US Department of Agriculture? What is it that they are telling us to eat the most of? GRAIN!!! Why? Because that's what they grow the most of. It's an absolute debarcle in my opinion. You've only got to do some research on the changing face of wheat over the last few decades, wheat belly, gluten intolerance, genetically modified wheat, coeliac disease, to see it is no longer a digestible option. And don't even get my started on sugar. At least it's in the correct position on the current food pyramid. What High Fructose Corn Syrup is doing to the world is beyond words. It is a DISASTER! And it's in e v e r y t h i n g!!

If you want to know what to eat you just need to take a look at the diet of mankind before the Corporations took over the food supply. The diet we have been eating for thousands of years, meat, vegetables, fruit and dairy. Since when did we need food that has been so highly refined that it bears no resemblance to its original form, comes wrapped in plastic, doused in chemicals, with little to no nutritional value whatsoever?

For me, it's about the health and well-being, along with the future of a healthy food supply, for these guys, my children ... whom I love more than air!

My Babes

My Weight Loss - The Added Bonus

As the years have progressed and as I kept adhering to the 'traditional food pyramid' my weight gradually rose. I could not for the life of me figure out why because I was supposedly doing all the right things, as I stated above. I continued drinking skim milk, using spray-on 'lite' cooking oils to cook with, peeling the skin off the chicken, cutting out as much fat as possible but keeping up the grains in my diet. I have done the 'gym junkie' thing but still to no avail. It just didn't make any sense to me so in the end I just gave up. I resigned myself to the fact that obviously there was something wrong with my metabolism, and life went on. It wasn't until I started eating Low Carb/High Fat that the weight started to disappear. I'm never hungry, I don't often eat a meal at lunch because I'm still not hungry, I eat all the skin on the chicken and I cook in butter. I no longer feel like a 2pm nannanap and am bright eyed and bushy tailed until well into the evening. I just feel amazing on the inside and I think it shows through the glow in my skin, or so I've been told. I just can't believe it and by doing the exact opposite of what we are told. Like I said, I'm now the authority on what goes in my mouth and loving every single bite!!!

Nicky - Feeling absolutely fantastic from the inside out!

How a LCHF lifestyle makes you feel!

Peace, love and low carb/high fat REAL food to y'all :) xx Nic xx

Hi, I'm Chris :)

Where to begin... Well, to give you an idea, I'm 48 years old, and I don't ever remember a time where I didn't have an issue with my weight.

From as far back as my poor old memory takes me (about late primary school) I've been overweight... Sure, there have been the odd occasion where I may have lost some weight, but it never stayed off for long.

Here are some photos of me to give you an idea of the different sizes I've been at different ages.

I've tried many different eating plans and fad diets over the years but none of them ever worked because every time I was trying to lose weight, it was like I was starving myself and I was constantly hungry... Yep, you know that feeling right?

When you always feel hungry, it's SO easy to fall off the wagon as both your stomach and your head are telling you to eat!

My own battle with food stems a lot from self esteem issues. Kids in the playground can be quite harsh and nasty to a naturally shy kid... so that didn't help growing up.

I just never understood why that, when I did lose some weight, I only ever felt more hungry and it wouldn't be long before the old habits were back... and so was the weight.

Now... This journey into a Low Carb, High Fat lifestyle has been a complete, life altering food revelation to me, and that everything I once believed about healthy eating and living (all those things I could never stick to) was all wrong.

Have a look at the last picture in my slide show above... It was taken on the 19th July 2013, about 2 months into changing to Low Carb, High Fat and I had lost around 20kg at that point. While the weight loss is great (and trust me, it is!) the biggest mind-melt for me personally is, I'm losing weight but I'm rarely hungry. I eat all the foods I used to believe I shouldn't eat (and a decent amount of it too!), and I don't get hungry between meals. So much so that since mid-late July 2013, I rarely have lunch any more... Not because I'm trying to lose more weight, but becasue I just don't feel hungry at lunch time... and coming from someone who only ever remembers being constantly hungry, this is incredible!

Our human ancestors spent tens of thousands of years as hunter/gatherers, living primarily off animal meat and above ground, leafy green vegetation. It makes no sense that all of a sudden, 50 years ago our bodies have miraculously changed its primal food needs? I think not.

As Nicky has said, the injustice, corruption and general debauchery by governments and corporations around the world (stemming from the corruption cesspool that is the USA) outrages me to the point of... well... creating this website and getting this information out there.

Change is needed, but it won't happen at the top. Change won't come from those who see $$$ over human kind. It has to come from us. The grass roots... The ground level... I tell you, and you discover it's right. Then you tell others and they discover it's right, then they tell others... and it spreads that way.

What impact can we have? Well, we all vote for this, three times a day. We vote with out fork. Every meal. Every dish. Every bite. The more people eat quality food that the body needs, the less wrong food needs to be produced. If you want industry to change their ways, make the current way less profitable... It really is that simple!

Anyway... those who know me can attest to the fact that I tend to ramble at the keyboard so I'll just stop here and let the rest of the site do the talking.

Chris - After just 9 months on LCHF!

Chris on 16th January 2014 - 42kg down!

Thanks for taking the time to read my story... Chris

"It's all about the food"