Eggplant Stack with Poached Eggs

Low Carb Breakfast Recipes and Ideas
Recipe by Chris
This morning I saw a similar recipe posted on a Low Carb Facebook page which had us both salavating, so I decided to give my own version a go.

Its quite simple and incredibly tasty!


1 Slice of Eggplant (thickness to your liking)
2 Eggs
1 Rasher of Bacon
1 Medium Tomato
Grated Mozarella Cheese
Baby Spinach Leaves
Olive Oil
Himalayan Rock Salt


1. Salt the eggplant (salt one side and leave for 5 minutes to sweat, then dab the sweat off then repeat on the other side)
2. Coat the bottom of an oven tray with olive oil and place the eggplant slice on the tray.
3. Place the bacon rasher on top of the eggplant slide (trim it to fit and pile the excess on top)
4. Slice the tomato and lay over top of the bacon.
5. Sprinkle the mozarella cheese over the top of the tomato
6. Bake in a moderate oven (180 deg C) until its cooked and the cheese is melted and a little brown
7. While its baking, half fill a small saucepan with water and add a splash of vinegar to it then bring it to the boil.
8. Once boiling, crack both eggs into the water to poach.
9. Remove the eggs from the boiling water when they are ready, and serve all on a bed of baby spinach leaves.

Additional Notes

You could add in anything else you like. Mushrooms would also be a great addition, slices of zucchini, even some spinach under the bacon.

Olive Oil : I normally cook with butter where I can but because this dish is baked, using butter to grease the oven tray will end up burning the tray. You can also use Coconut Oil instead of olive oil if you like.

Hymalayan Rock Salt : You can choose any kind of salt you like but we believe the best, most healthy salt is this particular pink rock salt.