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Eating Out

Eating Out on a Low Carb High Fat Diet

You have probably guessed by now that fast food is off the menu. But trust me, once you do some research on how fast food becomes so fast, you'll NEVER want to eat it again! One of my favourite dishes from my past life was a spicy chicken dish. I do love my chicken. Now, I make my own version and it tastes just as good and is about 1,000 times better for me.

All is not lost on eating out though. It just comes down to the choices you make. Don't be afraid to ask for extra veggies or salad when you ask the cook to hold the chips. They're going to charge you the same amount for your meal anyway so you may as well get some value for your money. A lot of restaurants do Gluten-Free these days which is an added bonus. While it may not necessarily mean low-carb it is a much healthier choice. Once you know your "Yes" foods it's not hard to know what to order. You will probably have a lot more luck if you are fine dining than in the bistro of your local where every meal comes with either rice, pasta or the good ol' spud. Don't be afraid to ask what oil the chef cooks in either. Hopefully it will be a healthy variety and not vegetable oil.

Written by Nicky

"It's all about the food"