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Cooking Tips

Cooking with butter

So from now on, the plan is to cook your food from scratch. Why? So you know exactly what's going in your mouth!

Where possible, eat your veggies raw. That way you are getting the maximum amount of goodness. A light steam is one option if you don't want them raw.

A popular trend these days is to 'juice' your food. The only problem with this is you end up throwing away the good part of the fruit (fibre) and keeping the bad part (fructose). It takes around 5 green apples to get a glass of apple juice. You wouldn't normally eat 5 apples in one sitting so why would you want to drink all that fructose in one sitting? That is one heck of a sugar rush that your body just doesn't need!

Whenever possible, fry your meats in butter, olive oil or coconut oil. Butter is the healthiest and cheapest option. Butter is your new best friend! Never use seed (vegetable) oils and/or margarine spreads as they have extremely high levels of polyunsaturated fats (Omega-6's). See Don't Eat Toxins or read David Gillespie's book on Toxic Oil.

Written by Nicky

"It's all about the food"