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Your LCHF Success Stories

Do you have an LCHF success story that you'd like to share with us? Have you lost weight? Reversed metabolic diseases such as Type II Diabetes? Increased your energy levels? Improved skin disorders like psoriasis or acne? Is your blood pressure now normal? Whatever life improvement you've experienced we'd love to hear about it. Email us with your story (feel free to include photos, if you have them) at info@edify.net.au.

Rick's Story

31st January 2014

"My introduction to LCHF started out as follows.

I started out obese at 123.5kg in June 2012 (as a 26 y/o, 182cm tall male). At 17 y/o I would have been approximately ~70kg when I met my wife. Clearly being looked after in the food department, mixed with busy work life, 4 children (5 now) and generally being lazy; all contributed their fair share to gaining 50kg+.

So in May 2012 I'm starting to feel a bit shitty with myself (my appearance, my fitness and my overall health). Work involved driving around in a small car and wearing a duty belt to hold keys, torch, radio, etc. At some point it became painful to simply sit in the car as the belt was digging into my stomach. I think that's what really cinched it for me.

So while driving around I was listening to my weekly fix of computer security podcast, and the show host discussed how he had achieved great results on a 'very low carb' type of diet. So I looked into it and it made sense. My wife and I spoke about giving it a try for 30 days, and we kicked it off 1 June 2012. After seeing the results we did, we would have been mad to have thrown in the towel.

After 12 months I'd lost 30kg+. I continued to lose weight and hit 46kg lost after 18 months. (At the time of writing this I'm hovering at about 41-42kg lost).

I still have a ways to go - currently around 20% BF and hoping to get to around 15%. Along the way I've transitioned from a pure LCHF to more of a LCHF/Primal mix. I'm loving the varied foods we get exposed to, and we certainly never paid any attention to them when adhering to a typical WOE.

I've achieved my results without exercise. After a few months of LCHF I tried running. Still quite overweight and far from fit at that point, it didn't really do it for me. I also tried cycling, but I was about as good at that as I was at running. I bought a power cage, barbell and weights and did a good 3 months of weight lifting at the start of 2013, and I was seeing great strength improvements, but I decided to put it on hold as I was having trouble measuring my weight loss results with any muscle gains I was seeing. At present I'm just loving my new-found energy and expend as much of it as I can with the kids.

At some point along the way, I started IF (intermittent fasting) - initially just skipping breakfast, then I worked up to eating dinner-only on a daily basis. I dabbled with 48 hour fasts, but I'm pretty set now in the one-meal-per-day routine.

At the 12 and 18 month marks, I got blood workups done and was super-stoked with the results. Overall I'd have to say I've seen great improvements in under two years, and speaking about my methods and personal achievements with my friends seemed to encourage them to look at their bodies and lives and do something about what they weren't happy with. I even wrote up a basic breakdown of my initial knowledge base as an ebook to help out friends and other people who wanted to know what I did and how I did it."

Rick Meredith
Brisbane QLD Australia

LCHF Weight Loss Success Story - Rick

"It's all about the food"