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Carb Cravings

Craving Carbs with Low Carb High Fat?

"I'm just *DYING* for some Potatos or Bread".... Been thinking thoughts similar to this? Maybe you're having a craving for Pasta or Rice, or you could be hanging out for a battered piece of fish and chips.

Many people experience these kinds of cravings, most often when they are just starting out on Low Carb, High Fat. Not everyone experiences Carb Cravings, but if you do, keep reading and you'll realise what causes them.

In the last 30 years, starchy, carbohydrate loaded foods have been the staple of the western worlds diet. Potatos, Bread, Flour, Rice and Pasta are the most common, and they have been consumed in very large quantities over this time courtesy of the current Food Pyramid. This system has lead people to believe that regularly eating a high amount of carbohydrates, and your restricting saturated fat intake will keep you healthy and trim. (And it couldn't be further from the truth..... check out the Edify Food Pyramid for our updated, healthy version).

The issue with a traditional High Carb diet is that, it fills you up straight away, but you become hungry again very quickly. It's like eating Chinese takeaway (always with lots of special fried rice right?). You feel full when you finish eating, but not too long afterwards you are starving again. All those carbs brings your blood sugar up *sky high*, then after you've eaten, your blood sugars drop down below the normal good levels. It's during these drops in blood sugar where you feel hungry again... So you feed your craving again, and so on and so forth.

The body craves, you feed it. The body craves, you feed it. The body craves, you feed it. The body craves, you feed it...... see the cycle? Much like a drug dependency isn't it? Its no wonder you occasionally crave for some carbs.

Don't fret, these cravings will pass.

If you find yourself craving carbs, allow yourself to have a small amount one night. Remember, its Low Carb, not No Carb. Don't feel guilty for having a baked potato with dinner, or some pasta with a stirfry one night (just don't go out and eat a box of donuts :)). These cravings will stop (they don't often stay for long) so just stick with it.

The main thing to remember when you crave carbs is that, it's your body getting used to the idea of not having a constant feed of carbs any more. Stick with it... your body will thank you for it!

Written by Chris